Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

Do weight loss surgery patients have serious health problems caused by vitamin deficiency?

No, there won't be any serious problem if patients manage oral supplements as prescribed by the obesity surgeon.

Does one have to go on a diet before or after bariatric surgery?

Super obese patients have to follow high protine diet before and after surgery also as advised by the doctor.

Diabesity: Is surgery a cure?

Yes, type 2 Diabetes has been cured in 96-98% patients after having Obesity surgery .

How does weight loss surgery help reduce excess weight?

After surgery, patients see symmetrical weight loss gradually every month till 8 to 12 months of surgery.

Is there an age restriction for the surgery?

For symptomatic patients, there is no age limit. It all depends upon requirements and medical condition of the patient.

Is there a weight limit for bariatric surgery?

There is no weight limit. BMI criteria as per WHO needs to be taken into consideration for bariatric surgery.

What are obesity related co-morbidities?

The co-morbidities are Diabetes type - 2, Hypertension, OSA, Infertility, Osteoarthritis, Dislipidemia, some types of Cancer, Psychological issues, etc.

How effective is weight loss surgery?

Obesity surgery is useful to those who are suffering from co morbidities and other health related issues because of obesity.

What are the risks of bariatric surgery?

As such, there is no risk in Bariatric surgery but patients need to follow certain guidelines after surgery to avoid nutritional complications. The surgeons will take certain technical precautions before and during surgery to avoid complications.

What are the pre-operative requirements in order to undergo bariatric surgery?

These are the pre-operative requirements: Pathology and Radiology investigations, Physician consultation, Anesthetist consultation, Psychological consultation.