Plastic Surgery

While considering plastic surgery, it is very significant to select the precise hospital. Whether you are going for cosmetic surgery to enhance or recover your appearance or correct defects or perk up functions, you need an accomplished and skilled surgeon with exceptional surgical facilities and a resourceful monitoring staff. But when you pick Radiance hospital, you can be rest assured.

Facilities and services par brilliance:

  • Equipped with most up-to-date microsurgery equipments
  • Proficient team of surgeons to take care of congenital deformities, injuries to nerves and body parts, reconstruction of parts subsequent to surgery and treat post burn deformities
  • Experience in treating craniofacial anomalies, microsurgeries, skull surgeries and other multifaceted surgeries

Surgeries at the Radiance hospital:

The hospital has a panel of highly practised and senior plastic surgeons who are specialists in the following domains:

-Cosmetic Surgery: The aesthetic surgery has the prime objective to improve the life quality of an individual by getting rid of negative self-consciousness. It not only enhances the social recognition but also boosts the opportunities of getting employed in the professions where good looks are essential.

- Liposuction: In this surgery the fat is to be isolated by loosening and removed by tubular instruments of blunt tips which are joined to a powerful suction device. Fat in the hips, buttocks, arms and abdomen are removed.

Liposuction is not a substitute for dieting. A reasonably weight individual with fit elastic skin but additional fat in a meticulous area is the best patient for this surgical procedure. Syringe fat suctioning also assists wherein less fat has to be removed.

- Abdominoplasty: This process is best for individuals with extreme fat and slack skin or loose muscle tone. During abdominoplasty surgery, spare skin is separated and abdominal muscles are being tightened.

- Fat Injection: With syringe fat of the body can be isolated and be utilized to inject in the depressed areas in the body to smooth the curve like in sunken hollow cheeks or frontal depressed fractures not appearing good cosmetically.

- Mastopexy (Surgery for uplifting and tightening of breasts): In this surgical procedure the breasts are first tightened, re-contoured and lifted up. This is done by removing explicit part of skin from the lower part of breasts. If needed, the size of areola can be decreased. This can be done under local anaesthesia.

- Augmentation Mammoplasty (Enlargement of Breasts): This medical surgery is executed for less grown or reduced size breasts. A silicone or saline filled implant is positioned behind the breast tissue or the muscle. A 2 inch incision is placed in the lower part or around areola or in axilla and the implant is carried out.

- Reduction Mammoplasty: In this surgery a large-size breast is turned small and tight. The nipple and areola are also relocated. The cuts are made so that the scars are placed in the areolar margin, beneath the areola and into the breast folds

- Surgery for Gynecomastia: In some males the breasts expand out of proportion leading to psychological inconvenience. It is much upsetting for them while executing the activities like swimming or other similar sports. In this surgery the breast tissue is disconnected from small incisions in lower parts of the areola.

- Rhinoplasty (Nose Correction): Nose being one of the most important parts of the face, any deformity is evident. Depending on the deformity the surgery is designed. For hump exclusion or for saddle nose an implant, for unnecessary cartilage removal and for diverged nose a rhinoplasty or septorhinoplasty is executed.

- Scar Modification: When the skin is cut due to an operation or an injury the body heals by having a scar. A scar may look terrible depending upon its position, depth, colour or incorrect direction. However if the scar is isolated, it will be mended by another scar. However, a new scar could be transformed in such a way that it does not look unattractive. So a scar can be modified but not totally removed.

- Small Pox or Pimple Scars: Some of the small scars can be enhanced or improved by dermabrasion in which the high layers of skin are separates. This process may be supported with fat injections.

- Surgery for Ears: For the protrude ears, the cuts are made at the back the ears and the cartilage is pinned up lastingly so that the absent fold can be produced. For the split lobules due to wearing of heavy ear rings the hole is sew in such a way that the outline of lobule is not bothered.

- Surgery for white spots: When a patient has a white area on skin, a assortment of surgeries are accessible depending on position and its transfer.

Burns and post-burns deformities:

At Radiance hospital, we are proficient at managing an extensive range of burns and sensitive post-burns deformities. Burns can origin because of different reasons which includes thermal, chemical, electrical and other causes. We have managed patients in critical conditions and stages right to the full recovery of the patients.

We have treated:

  • Wounds with Skinless, Chronic ulcers and Diabetic foot
  • Traumatic skinless with or without fractures of bone
  • Facial injuries
  • Hand Surgery with trauma and deformities
  • Microvascular reconstruction
  • Cosmetic and congenital deformities