Oncology Surgery

Radiance is a one-stop solution from surgery to rehabilitation

The department clearly communicates its objective: education, prevention and the required control. Our screening and early detection programs are built to seize early cancers of throat, mouth, rectum, colon, prostate, breast and uterine cervix. Supported by high-quality radiology and pathology teams along with cancer allied health check-ups are provided periodically.


  • Independent space allocated for oncologic medical services
  • Experienced surgical oncologists
  • Renowned and illustrious visiting consultants
  • Multidisciplinary management for interactions amid oncologist, pathologist, and radiologist
  • Frequent educative and training gatherings for doctors
  • Specialized medical awareness programs for women
  • Focused programs for early detection and understanding of unique cancer diseases

Services provided:

  • Major and complicated surgeries for all kinds of cancers
  • Organ preserving surgery for diverse cancers which includes jaw, bone in oral cancers, breast cancers, voice-box in throat cancers, an anal valve in rectal & anal cancers and limb preservation in bone cancer
  • Chemotherapy for cancers
  • Treatment of blood cancers and haematological disorders
  • Prosthesis and reconstructive surgery for defects in jaw, breast and limbs
  • Evidence-based multidisciplinary assessment and treatment set up
  • Functional and Physiotherapy rehabilitation
  • Home palliative care amenities
  • Medical education for junior doctors and support staff
  • Cancer education for common people and community
  • Clinical research activities

The Oncology department at Radiance Hospital has a wide-ranging cancer care management facilities applicable to all types of cancers. The division is committed to the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients. It has highly skilled oncologists and support staff for care. The support staff offers back up with practiced house officers and nurses. It has the best facilities for initial diagnosis and covers every stage of all kinds of cancers.

Awareness, Early Detection and Treatment of Cancer

Supported by a prevailing surgical oncology team, this department provides optimal multimodality treatment as per the need of each and every patient. This department is also vigorous in avoidance and before time detection of cancer diseases. It takes part in social activities like cancer awareness programs, manages and carries out cancer detection camps. Being a part of the medical check-up plan of Radiance Hospital, it assists in detecting cancers of breast, prostate, uterine, cervix and mouth for treating them at an early on stage.

Why Radiance Hospital?

At Radiance Hospital, every patient has a multi-disciplinary medical team to assist them through every stage of the cancer treatment. The expert staffs have periodic meetings to re-examine patient improvements. Our Oncology surgeon team is even accessible to provide second opinions concerning a diagnosis or treatment advice.