Neuro & Spine Surgery

The department is related to the prevention, identification, treatment and rehabilitation of disease that have an effect on the complete nervous system including the spinal cord, spinal column, peripheral nerves and brain. Backed by practised neurosurgeons and best medical equipments, we enable our patients with the finest care and swift recovery.


  • Round the clock emergency services with daily OPD access
  • Devoted ICU well-equipped with H P Online Monitors, Ventilators, Central Oxygen & Suction and ICP Monitors
  • Competent doctors and nursing staff for dedicated services
Neurology Surgery

High-tech operation theatres which comprises of:

  • Operating Neurosurgical Microscope
  • Valleylab Electrocautery
  • Image Intensifier TV
  • BRK Stereotactic Surgeon Frame
  • Completely automatic operation tables
  • Neuro-anaesthetist with post-operation recovery rooms

Services provided:

  • All scheduled Neurosurgical procedures like brain tumour, V. P. Shunts, Extradural, Hematoma, Laminectomy, subdural hematoma and Prolapsed Inter Vertebral Disc
  • Vascular Surgery includes Aneurysm, Carotid Endarterectomy, EDAS, Intracranial, Extracranial, AVM and Revascularization surgery
  • Stereotactic Surgery: Biopsy, Craniotomy, Aspiration, Neurosurgery, Psychosurgery, Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery, Transnasal and Transoral Surgery for CV Anomalies
  • Micro neurosurgery for all kinds of intracranial tumours
  • Psychosurgery, Epilepsy surgery and Function neurosurgery
  • Radiofrequency Thermo Coagulation, Trigeminal Neuroglia MVD, Neurectomy and Glycerol Rhizolysis