Gastro-intestinal and liver diseases have turned very frequent. People face issues like indigestion, acidity, gas, diarrhoea and jaundice. However, if not taken care of, these can give result to serious problems like bleeding from intestine and stomach, swelling of pancreas and health troubles due to liver failure. Radiance hospital is well-resourced to diagnose and treat such diseases.

Services provided

  • Ultramodern endoscopy and Gastroscope
  • Colonoscopy and Capsule Endoscopy for large and small intestine respectively
  • Superior treatments of dilatation, stenting, banding and injection of bleeding veins
  • Removal treatment of tumours like polyps from large intestine
  • Stent placement in bile duct, food pipe and pancreatic duct
  • Handle acute upper and lower GI hemorrhage
  • Highly developed Liver ICU to cure liver failures
Gastroenterology GI Surgery

Gastroenterology & GI Surgery Diseases

Radiance Hospitals is sturdily equipped with sophisticated facilities to fight oesophagus related diseases which includes pain in swallowing, blood in vomiting, infections in diabetes, Achalasia cardia, Cancer or tumour in oesophagus, Stricture/peptic and persistent liver diseases.

For stomach related diseases, we can fight diseases which include peptic ulcers, blood in vomiting due to ulcer ailment, stomach cancer and infections. Modernized facilities for gallbladder, bile-duct related health issues and biliary tract cancer. We have different medical team to treat multifaceted pancreatic diseases.


Radiance Hospital is capable to cure complicated diseases and have best facilities for treatment of diseases like two endoscopy theatres with Gastroscope, Colonoscope, ERCP scope, Capsule endoscopy and Manometry.

Frequently asked questions

What procedures does a gastroenterologist perform?

A gastroenterologist can perform Colonoscopy, Gastroscopy, Liver biopsy, Endoscopy, etc.

When should i see a gastroenterologist?

If you have a digestive problem like diarrhea, constipation, nausea for a long time, you should see a gastroenterologist.

How do you fix gastrointestinal problems?
You can make some lifestyle changes like
  1. Avoid fatty foods and carbonated drinks
  2. Get more exercise
  3. Avoid foods that cause indigestion
  4. Have less spices in food to fix gastrointestinal problems.
What does a gastroenterology specialist do?

A gastroenterology specialist gives accurate diagnosis of problems in gastrointestinal tract and provides proper treatment.

What is a recovery time for gastroenterology procedure?

The recovery time differs based on the problem and organ involved but you can expect full recovery in about 6 weeks.