Critical Care Unit

Critical care, often called Intensive Care, is a multidisciplinary healthcare speciality providing care to patients with a life-threatening disease or injury.

This is often misrepresented as emergency medicine. Emergency department physicians and nurses handle patients from minor injuries (sprained ankles, broken arms) to catastrophic issues.

Heart attacks, poisoning, pneumonia, surgical complications, preterm delivery, and stroke are all examples of severe diseases. Physicians and nurses at the Emergency Department stabilise patients and move them to the ICU or another portion of the hospital for further care. The treatment of patients with life-threatening disorders is referred to as critical care.

Radiance hospitals are one of the best critical care hospitals in Gujarat. With the help of a systemic structure, Radiance Hospitals are able to provide holistic, round-the-clock care which increases the rate of survival of our patients. Our 24-hour critical care units offer a combination of interdisciplinary ICUs and ICUs devoted to post-cardiac surgery patients, stroke patients, post-transplant patients, and newborns and paediatric cases. Well-maintained wards, innovative equipment and high standards of infection control procedures guarantee that we stay at the forefront of critical care.

We also pride ourselves on excellent infrastructure which helps us save lives. All our facilities are state-of-the-art. In addition to that, we have highly experienced staff who are all licensed professionals with years of training. Their expertise helps us make quick well-informed decisions about the best course of action for a patient. We have on-call doctors so that there is no scarcity of expert opinion. Our treatment and care is cohesive, fluid and comprehensive. We consider every possibility before we take an action. Moreover, we are available 24/7 because injuries and medical needs don’t take a break. Whenever, wherever and however injured you are, you can be assured that with radiance Hospitals you are always in safe hands.