Critical Care Unit

The role of Radiology Department of Radiance Hospital is to create links amid medicine on science to enhance the diagnostics and cure of diseases.

The radiology division provides an all-inclusive assortment of clinical diagnostic and quality therapeutic imaging. The team at department of radiology is steadfast to improve health through research and image-based patient care. The latest technologies related to radiology examination include Digital X-rays, Ultra-sonography, and Doppler study for all the body parts.

The academic faculty encompass of renowned radiologists who work on research in general radiology as well as subspecialty areas in conjunction with numerous other departments of the hospital.

The Radiology department of Radiance Hospital is loyal to provide exceptional patient care through diagnostic services and image-guided processes for inpatients and outpatients. The research staffs work round the clock through-out the year. The aim is to offer comfort and quality care that one anticipates in a friendly medical environment.