Plan Your Trip

The global or international patients department at Radiance Hospitals was build to help patients in setting up and organizing their travel itinerary to the hospital. At Radiance Hospitals, we take the endeavour to not only offer you with global medical treatment and processes but even make sure you feel as at home and relaxing all the way through your care with us.

You can go through the details and information below to plan your trip to any of the Radiance Hospitals. Should you have a preference to have a representative individually assist you to prepare, fill the contact form to converse with an intercontinental representative.

Step 1: Learn About Radiance Hospitals

Step 2: Choosing Your Doctor

Step 3: 48 Hour Reply Time

Step 4: Helping you Organize Your Travel Procedure

Step 5: Arrangements of Your Stay in India

Step 6: Arriving at Radiance Hospitals and Further Assistance

Reaching at the hospital, thoughtfully take note that you are needed to confirm your details at the registration counter to inclusive your patient registration with the hospital. The hospital will keep a replica of your passport, the photo and the Visa page for your hospital enrolment confirmation. Please take note that this is a binding step as per to advice from the Government of India.