Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery or obesity treatment is crucial to sustaining healthiness. Radiance hospital has the finest surgeons for your treatment and ensures a swift recovery. Patients treated here have lost surplus weight up to 74 % in one year to 91 % in five years. We even take care of your diet, advanced surgery technology, post operative care, managing future obesity factors, control health risks, periodic wellbeing consultation and maintain enhanced fitness. READ MORE

Laparoscopic & GI Surgery

In Radiance hospitals we revolutionize the way of medical treatment and minimal access surgery. We have first time in 4K Laparoscopic Set in our OT that is being foremost installed in India. We run Laparoscopic and GI surgery training programs for patients and young doctors. Our experienced doctors have exposure to operating endoscopic stapling devices, managing hand assisted laparoscopic surgery, handling laparoscopic bowel division and are proficient in laparoscopic vascular control techniques. READ MORE

Joint Replacement & Orthopaedics

Joint Replacement and Orthopaedic services at Radiance hospitals comprise of the total knee, hip, shoulder, wrist, ankle, elbow and small joint replacement along with customized patient specific replacement. It covers long-lasting implants, management of injuries, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff surgery, shoulder stabilization for dislocations and more. We are considered to be the finest Joint Replacement & Orthopaedics hospitals in India with trained and experienced doctors as well as medical support staff. READ MORE


The Radiance Hospitals offers world class infertility treatment with superior surgical procedures and medical equipment having a high success rate. We encompass a team of specialist doctors who focus on reproductive treatments and medicines, have medical counsellors, Andrologists, Ultrasonographers, and Embryologists. We provide best facilities with advanced IVF technology and infrastructure along with individualized air handling unit, HEPA filters and SS modular OT walls in laboratories. READ MORE

Breast Cancer

There is an increase in inclination of breast cancers from factors like live postponing of childbirth, oral contraceptives, consuming replacement hormones, obesity or drinking excess of alcohol. Conversely, even though the occurrence of breast cancer is increasing, the death rate is reducing due to better medical and surgical intervention. The Radiance Hospitals cancer team comprises of dedicated breast surgeons, oncologists, oncoplastic surgeons, radiologists and psychologists. Our Breast Cancer treatment department includes skilled nurses solely for patient's post operative care; this goes together with complete medical or surgical treatment. READ MORE

Critical Care Unit

Critical care units and specialists at Radiance hospitals are committed to ensuring the survival of the most crucially ailing patients. Our trained and dedicated specialists work round the clock to breathe life into critically ill patients. They take complete care of different critical care units resourcefully, ensuring that the entire team of doctors, nurses and paramedics staff work as a team, using precise protocols to diminish infections, technical hitches and make sure of swift recovery of patients. READ MORE

Sleep Medicine

The principal treatment for sleep apnea is C-PAP machine. It delivers a stream of compressed air at a prescribed pressure through a nasal mask to make possible unobstructed breathing which further balances the concentrated oxygen in the blood and cures apnea. This enables eminence sleep and better quality of life to patients by a reduction in snoring and other difficulties in sleep. The benefits also encompass blood pressure control, enhance daytime energy and stamina, and reduce excess stress on the heart as well as vascular systems. Hence, it also helps in reducing the risk for heart ailments. At Radiance Hospitals the ward is well supported by a round the clock emergency department staffed by medicine physicians and nurses. READ MORE