Choosing whether to undergo weight loss surgery can be a difficult and worrying decision to make for a patient. Though nowadays the awareness regarding its benefits is increasing amongst patients, but some myths still persist. False information about obesity and its correlated health issues still persists. Indeed, there are a number of myths proliferating about weight loss surgeries, as the following list explains:

Myth 1: Weight loss surgery means eating a liquid diet for the whole of your life

While liquids are mentioned for the early period after surgery, patients can suppose to enjoy solid foods after some of the weeks. Of course, they will not be able to eat the same amount of as before the surgery, but there are no real restrictions when it comes to the actual kinds of food they eat afterwards.

Myth 2: Weight loss surgery is a facile way out

Like all earnest healthcare ways and lifestyle changes, undergoing weight loss surgery does not mean patients will be able to go about their lives in the same way as they did afore. Indeed, patients are advised to cerebrate about making dietetic changes and take up exercise as a component of their care plan, which will avail avert them from incrementing weight again and destruction any positive changes that have been made.

Myth 3: Weight loss surgery will cause wide scarring

All weight loss surgery is done through keyholes, i.e laparoscopically. The surgery is performed through small holes made over abdomen. So patients will only be left with a small mark. In cases where advisable the surgery can also be performed through a single hole through belly button so as the mark is not visible at all. In these cases it is also helpful cosmetically.

Myth 4: Doing weight loss surgery avoids future pregnancy

While it is often suitable to wait a year or two after having surgery and to attain a lower weight before getting pregnant, weight loss surgery itself will not prevent women from having a child. It should be noted, that having the surgery can cause some hormonal fluctuations, if you are planning of having children then it is a good idea to wait for a minimum of 18 months after surgery, To maintain nutrition during pregnancy for mother and fetus both are most important.

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