Bariatric Surgery

Overeating is a kind of addiction which is similar to smoking or alcoholism being a thorny psychological habit to shatter. The weight loss accomplishment after Bariatric Surgery may appeal the patients to gradually pamper in overeating, making them consider that a small further portion of an ice cream or a bar of chocolate is not going to effect after the surgery. However, it does matter in both longer and shorter run.

So, patients even themselves have to play a vital role in getting better on their eating and food habits after the surgery to keep hold of their preliminary success for a lifetime after the surgery.

Here are some of the top tips when followed on a daily basis, will lend a hand to you for avoiding weight regain even after a long time of surgery.

      1. Take smaller food bites

After your operation, when your stomach space has been surgically made compact to put a ceiling on overeating, a few bites of the healthy part of food will fill you up. So take bites as smaller as possible.

      2. Eat gradually

You need to take time to chew and get pleasure from food. This is applicable to each and every person being operated or not.

      3. Don’t drink while you are eating

It is better not to take drinks with food no matter which meals you take. Having a glass of water previous to an hour of your meal is good for health. You can take another glass after an hour of your food.

      4. Use a smaller food plate

You need to use plates that hold less amount of food which is a good way to avoid subliminal overeating routine from taking over devoid of your sense.

     5. Order less food in restaurants

You should order a lesser amount of food when you go to restaurants, order little portions or from the children menu as the fewer food you order, the fewer food you are liable to eat.

    6. Stop eating when you feel occupied

While eating food even if you have just one bite left out in your plate, don’t eat it as your body is not a waste bin. It is like a temple that you require to take care of else you would need to face the consequences. So admire contentment signals from your stomach and not give in to the childhood sessions of “clean your entire plate” as advised from the elders.


At Radiance Hospital, we have operated and cured thousands of patients with Bariatric Surgery and we make possible India’s prevalent active post surgery support groups. A big percentage of our patients fruitfully maintain weight-loss even subsequent to years of surgery following suggested healthy lifestyle and diet plans from our medical experts. Also, our lifetime follows up programs are open to all our patients and those treated by other doctors or surgeons.

For more information about our post bariatric surgery diet, you can any time contact us and set up a swift appointment with our trained dieticians or be present at one of our support group discussions or meetings.

Written By : Dr. Apurva Vyas

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