What is frozen Shoulder?
If you are having stiffness of shoulder in all directions then it is called frozen shoulder.

Causes for frozen Shoulder.
Commonest cause is idiopathic that is the exact cause not known Second commonest is diabetes Third cause is it could be secondary to some injury or operation.

Treatment options for frozen shoulder Apart from physiotherapy, injection of steroid as well as sodium hyaluronate in the joint is one of the commonest modality to treat frozen shoulder.
If the patient does not respond to above mentioned therapy, arthroscopy (endoscopy) is the treatment of choice. In this operation doctor puts endoscope inside the joint & cuts the stiff tissues.

Advantages of arthroscopy guided treatment of frozen Shoulder.
It is precise, day care, key hole procedure which gives instant movements & pain relief.

Causes for difficulty in lifting shoulder You have to consult the doctor as it can be rotator cuff (tissue responsible for lifting the arm) tear. 
Doctor may advise for further investigations like MRI which is a very useful tool to diagnose the problem.

Treatment options for rotator cuff tear.
Arthroscopy guided repair is the gold standard. However one can go for mini-open repair which is cost- effective. It has it’s own limitations that one should consult with the doctor.

What to do if cuff repair is not possible?
Doctor may advise for shoulder joint replacement. It is one of the last treatment option. The cost is the factor in country like India.

Causes for recurrent dislocation of shoulder.
The inside structures like labrum, capsule or other bony problems lead to recurrent dislocation.

Treatment option for recurrent dislocation Arthroscopy guided repair is the gold standard.
However in selected cases open surgeries may be required.

What to do after first time dislocation?
Doctor reduces the joint under short anesthesia usually it is closed procedure but in rare cases open may be required.
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Written By : Dr. Preetesh J Shah

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