We have reached a count of 8.5 million cases but a sense of relief is that the recovery rate is improving. But is the recovery worth a sigh of relief?

As per studies, it is proven that COVID-19 is just one virus but when it enters the human body it attacks and affects the various organs also apart from lungs.

Therefore, Radiance Hospital has started the first POST COVID CARE clinic in Ahmedabad which offers post covid care to patients who have recovered from COVID.

Read on to know more what the complications that arise after recovering from COVID are:

  • Lung Fibrosis: Corona affects the lungs due to which some patients who have been affected severely, even after recovery need oxygen supply. Therefore, we make sure that we are able to supply oxygen cylinders to the patient’s home even after he/she recovers from Corona
  • Tiredness and Fatigue: We have come across a lot of patients who complain of constant fatigue even after recovering from COVID. So, we make sure to prescribe them the right kind of diet that will help them stay energized and also prescribe a mixture of allopathic and alternative medicines
  • Brain fog: A lot of patients have complained that after recovering from COVID, they are not able to think clearly and feel that COVID has affected their mental ability to a great extent. For such patients, we perform a scan to understand if any damage has been done to their brain or not and continue to take constant follow-ups from them.
  • Cardiac problems: Most of the patients complain of suffering from cardiac deterioration and one of the reasons could be a history of other health problems but for a lot of patients, it is not the same scenario. Despite of having no previous history of cardiac problems, COVID patients face cardiac deterioration after recovering from COVID. Therefore, for such patients, we analyse their health reports and take constant follow-ups for their betterment.

Most of the COVID patients complain of such health issues after recovering from COVID and are referred to as ‘Long-Haulers’ and we as a team under the guidance of Dr. Yogesh Gupta have undertaken the initiative to start the first POST COVID CARE CLINIC of India

To know more about the first POST COVID CARE CLINIC of India, click on this link:

Let us all come together and conquer COVID-19 and emerge victorious!

Written By : Radiance Hospital

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