Your joints experience wear and tear after prolonged use as they handle more pressure than any other bone in your body. Joint replacement surgery is a surgical procedure where artificial joints are inserted in a patient’s body to relieve chronic joint pain and to improve mobility. Most of the people going for joint replacement surgeries are between ages 50 to 80. It helps improve the quality of life drastically.

It is up to your doctor to decide what kind of surgery you would need depending on your symptoms and affected joints. The most common types of joint replacements surgeries are:

  • Knee Replacement Surgery:
    • Partial Knee Replacement: If the damage affects only one or two parts of three compartments i.e. the lateral, medial and patellofemoral compartments, this surgery is recommended.
    • Robotic Knee Surgery: This is a highly customized surgery where a 3D representation of your knee is created. Robotic assistance is used during the surgery to replace part or all of the knee joint.
  • Hip Replacement Surgery:
    • Anterior Hip Replacement: It is a minimally invasive hip replacement where the surgery is done from in front of the hip. It allows quick recovery and fewer restrictions after surgery.
    • Partial Hip Replacement: In partial hip replacement, only the femoral head or the ball is replaced in the hip. This is done when the acetabulum or the socket is undamaged.
  • Shoulder Replacement Surgery: It is a surgery where the position of the ball and socket in the shoulder joint are replaced with artificial parts.

All of these joint replacement surgeries require expert and experienced hands. Come to Radiance hospital to get sustaining joint surgeries and relieve your pain.

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