Do you get tired often? Want to know why? If you’re overweight, there is a pretty good chance that it is behind your fatigue. Ask yourself: are you obese and tired all the time? Being overweight and tiredness has a deep relationship. Your body is structured to carry a certain amount of weight. When that specific threshold is exceeded, you put too much strain on your body. Your knees and back have to carry that extra weight making them wear out. And by carrying that weight, you also expend your body’s energy too quickly. It seems like there is a direct relationship between obesity and tiredness. But the link is much more complex than you imagine.

First thing to understand is what obesity is. A concept called body mass index (BMI) calculation comes into picture at this stage. When this index is over 30, you are considered obese and it brings a lot of problems with it. They can be type 2 diabetes, high BP, heart disease, arthritis, depression, etc. So what is the exact relationship between bodyweight and getting tired? Let’s see how higher bodyweight contributes to fatigue.

1) Having a bad sleep cycle 

One of the prominent links between obesity and fatigue is an uneven sleep cycle. When you’re carrying excess body weight, your physical activity decreases. This contributes to lower daytime energy levels. And this ultimately leads to improper sleep. It is not about low sleep. It is about sleeping at odd times. One more thing that happens because of this is sleep apnea. Higher bodyweight creates a blockage in the airway contributing to this problem.

2) Feeling low throughout the day

Excess bodyweight also leads to feeling low and goes up to clinical depression. There are many reasons behind it, social pressure being the prominent one. It causes lower self-esteem in the person. It also affects the mood of the person which ultimately leads to higher consumption of food. This makes a vicious cycle which is harder to get out of. When you feel low, you feel tired. You crave isolation and sleep. This is how it contributes to fatigue.

3) Getting Inflammation on the body

Many people don’t know that obesity can also be a leading cause of inflammation. Increased bodyweight is responsible for chronic inflammation. It doesn’t work directly towards making you feel fatigued. It rather takes time to set in and after a while the effects show up. This inflammation impacts your cardiovascular and pulmonary health. It is harder to measure the direct effect on fatigue but it does do so evidently. It damages organs and this damage takes energy to repair.

4) Having a prolonged bad diet

It is quite an obvious reason behind getting fatigued. Your lifestyle and diet contributes gravely towards your fatigue. The kind of food you have is very crucial for you. High carb diet leads to lowered quality of sleep. This diet also increases weight substantially. Having a bigger portion size at a time can also increase blood sugar level which contributes to lower energy after the effect wears down. When you have food right before bed, it makes it higher to digest the food and the energy drains because of it.


These are some of the biggest reasons why you get tired because of bodyweight. Weight loss is the only solution for you to feel fit and full of energy. One of the most sought after solution for losing weight is bariatric surgery. Radiance Hospitals has experienced surgeons and state of the art tech for surgery. Contact Radiance Hospitals for bariatric surgery in Ahmedabad now.

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