Have you been grinding yourself in the gym and following a strict diet in the hopes of losing weight and getting fit? If it is all working out, good for you. If it isn’t, there isn’t a single more frustrating thing in the world. It seems more like no matter what you do, you’re not able to lose weight. This might come as a relief to you that you’re not alone. Losing weight is difficult and it is especially difficult when your genetic structure doesn’t allow it. But when it poses a threat to your health, you need to lose weight. But the solution might not be that simple.

You need to understand what is keeping you from losing weight. Reasons for not being able to lose weight are based completely on scientific evidence. There are biological factors which come in your way to become fit. You need to understand that obesity itself occurs because of biological reasons also. Let’s understand what they are and how they affect your weight.

Biological reasons affecting your weight

You need to understand that obesity is primarily based on biological issues in the body. You can’t just blatantly blame diet. People having obesity are very different from other people of the same age and sex. When they put on a restrictive diet to lose weight, they eat less but their instinct pushes them to eat high calorie foods. This biological response of their body might trigger because the body wants more energy to be stored as fat. Lifestyle modifications also allow a person to lose weight but it only happens initially. Majority of the people gain the same weight as soon as they revert to the earlier diet. Because of this, you’re not able to lose weight even after exercise.

The other biological factors include genes of the person. If he has inherited a genetic structure that doesn’t allow weight loss, they can’t lose weight. They eat little and gain a lot of weight. They skip a meal and merely lose a few grams. This problem persists for a lot of people. Another one is having a disease such as diabetes or thyroid. With diseases like this, it is very difficult to lose weight.

An effective solution for obesity

So when diet and exercise aren’t working, what will? The solution is simple: bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery is a process of limiting the diet be it high or low calories. It is a proven method of losing weight with a long term success ratio. It is especially helpful for people with diseases like diabetes. Majority of the people losing weight by bariatric surgery maintain their low weight. It doesn’t require a huge lifestyle change and following certain post-operative care for bariatric surgery can sustain the effects for a long time. Bariatric surgery has been termed as one of the most effective and longest-lasting treatments for obesity.

Bariatric surgery has changed a lot of lives till now. People who are unable to lose weight by traditional methods have greatly enjoyed the success of it. It is about time you take the benefits of this revolutionary treatment. Schedule an appointment with one of the best weight loss surgeons in ahmedabad at Radiance Hospitals.

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